Our Wedding Ceremony – Lovely Silvia | A Life & Style Diary

Our Wedding Ceremony – Lovely Silvia | A Life & Style Diary

Happy Wedding Wednesday! After months I’m finally able to sit down and write all about our wedding! I’m going to break it up into two parts so that this post isn’t too long so today I’m going to share about the morning of and the wedding ceremony! Let’s get into our special day!


The day started early with hair & makeup. All the bridesmaids & my mom came into my room to get ready and just to hang out before the wedding. We had Chick Fil A, fruit, and mimosas! It was a perfect meal to start the day. Some things I got for the bridesmaids were matching robes for getting ready and we used our champagne glasses that I gifted them from my bachelorette.

It was such a great morning and I had the best time with my bridesmaids & mom. Later the photographer got there and we started taking pictures which you can see down below!


We got married in December which of course means Daylight Savings Time. We knew that if we wanted to have nice pictures together that we would have to do a First Look. Our plan wasn’t to have one but you roll with the punches. Honestly it was kind of nice and took a lot of the pressure off when walking down the aisle! Plus it’s more intimate since it was only us, our wedding party, and our parents.

We did our First Look at our venue and it was honestly the best spot! One thing that immediately attracted me to the venue was all of the greenery & floral. We did our First Look in front of the “Love” greenery wall and it was perfect. I was so happy to see Ryan and he even teared! It was honestly probably my favorite part of our wedding!


We are both Catholic so we got married through the Catholic Church. Finding a church in Austin was rough because we both don’t live there or have ever so we needed to find one that was willing to have us. We found the perfect one that was near Downtown Austin. We had our Catholic Ceremony at the Our Lady Of Guadalupe Parish.

For Catholic ceremonies, you don’t normally have a huge floral arch or tons of flower/flower petals. The church will normally have rules in place that you have to follow as far as decor goes. Now they were kind enough to buy flowers for the alter and around the church. We could decorate the pews and I DIY’d some floral pew decorations. You can click here to view the post!

We had all the traditional Catholic traditions as well as some extra ones that big in the Hispanic culture. What made it extra special is that the priest included our parents on both sides of us to show us how we were prepared for this day and the great examples set before us. It was honestly so special & sweet.

Also since our wedding was during Covid we did include our loved ones that weren’t able to make it by setting up a Zoom session. Again if you were a 2020 Bride you knew that rolling with the punches was the only way to get through your wedding. We were just beyond happy & blessed to say our I do’s before our closest family & friends and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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