Korean Female Celebrities with the Best Fashion Style in 2021

Korean Female Celebrities with the Best Fashion Style in 2021

The most stylish Korean female celebrities do a great job of capturing our attention on screen or via social media channels like Instagram. Many Koreans look to these celebrities in Kpop, KDrama, and Korean films for new fashion ideas. We understand that many of these celebrities have a crew of fashion designers, assistants, and stylists to help them select that perfect outfit. However, many can’t pull it off. These Korean celebrities have built up a reputation for being all to rock almost any style and outfit.

Having great style has always been subjective and there’s certainly no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. So above all make sure to work around your own style when incorporating the styles of the favorite celebrities in Korea. However, for this article, we found the top Korean female celebrity fashionistas that aren’t afraid to set new trends and try bold new styles. If you have a favorite Korean celebrity that we should take a look at, make sure to comment below!


We all know that Lisa and all the members of BLACKPINK have dabbled in the world of haute fashion. However, Lisa is clearly the most stylish of them all. She can do high-end and she can do streetwear. She is our choice for the most stylish Korean female celebrities list. This is the second time she has taken the top spot on our lists, the first being on the list for the best female Kpop dancer. She is only 23 years old and not only has she dominated the Kpop world but has now transitioned very successfully into the fashion world. Lisa has worked with top luxury fashion brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and more. She has also been named the brand ambassador for both BVLGARI and Hedi Silmane’s CELINE in 2020.

Lee Sung-kyung

Lee Sung Kyung is one of the most recognizable Korean female celebrities around. She has made a successful transition from modeling to acting. Lee Sung Kyung has been a style trendsetter ever since and her roles in Korean dramas are able to showcase her fashion style. She was able to wear a wide variety of high-end outfits for the Korean drama Cheese in the Trap. Lee Sung Kyung wore everything from fluffy hats to black leather fringe skirts to cat sunglasses. She can pull off any look and is considered the most versatile fashionista on this list.

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy skyrockets up this list thanks to her role on Start-Up where she was able to showcase a variety of outfits. She is one of the few Kpop Idols who have transitioned into Korean dramas. In Start-Up, she was able to pull off many business casual looks that were both cute and stylish. What makes her pull off any style she wants is her confidence. Throughout the show, she transitions from office life to everyday life and on occasions formal events. This is the Kdrama to watch to set up your whole outfit lineup for the year.

Park Min-young

Park Min Young has been able to show off her fashion sense in her dramas for many years. Those looking for that professional look need to follow Park Min Young on Instagram. She is known for wearing bright colors and loose-fitting outfits. She has always been known for her gorgeous visuals in the Korean entertainment industry. Those looking for amazing everyday styles should check out all her pictures at the airport on Google.

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim has been a fashionista for some time now. We all know her love for Chanel but she simply loves fashion in general. She is known for her effortlessly cool outfits and style no matter if it is in a music video, on stage, or in everyday life. Some of her favorite outfits involve cardigans, denim light wash jeans, and of course her famous statement sunglasses. She even launched her own eyewear collaboration with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster.

Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo has always been known for her great fashion, style, and natural beauty. Her role on Descendants of the Sun took her to superstardom status in the Korean drama industry. Her natural beauty, sense of style, and fashion taste have been recognized through endorsement deals with some of the top major Korean brands. Some of these brands include Laneige, Etude House, and Innisfree just to name a few.


Joy is clearly a fashion icon and her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful outfits for almost any occasion. One of her favorite things to wear is a pea coat or a windbreaker. Thanks for her great physique she pretty much looks great in everything. However, while her favorite color is red, her feed is filled with all types of colors.

Han Ye-Seul

When Han Ye-Seul is not at Milan Fashion Week you can see the actress pretty much active in some of the top fashion shows around the world. She is known for her amazing makeup and bold styles. While many might not be for everyone, you have to respect the fact that she really is open to new trends and styles. Therefore, follow her feed and you will for sure not be bored.

Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin Hye is one of the best Korean female celebrities to follow for that girl-next-door look. One of the classiest actresses working today, she really knows how to bring a lot of elegance and class to her style. Moreover, she became a model for Valentino collections and was the ambassador for lifestyle brand Bench.

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung does a great job of promoting her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare. Blanc & Eclare produces everything from eyewear, denim, clothing, skincare, and accessories. Therefore, if you follow her on Instagram you can understand why she left SNSD to start her fashion label. She absolutely loves fashion and it is great to see a female entrepreneur taking control of her life and starting a business of her own.

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