New York Times: Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy – Occidental Dissent

New York Times: Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy – Occidental Dissent

Nate Cohn has an interesting new article on the rise of “sectarianism” in America. It is the Republicans who are radicalizing. “Democracy” is at risk of dying at the hands of populist authoritarians!

New York Times:

“American democracy faces many challenges: New limits on voting rights. The corrosive effect of misinformation. The rise of domestic terrorism. Foreign interference in elections. Efforts to subvert the peaceful transition of power. And making matters worse on all of these issues is a fundamental truth: The two political parties see the other as an enemy.

It’s an outlook that makes compromise impossible and encourages elected officials to violate norms in pursuit of an agenda or an electoral victory. It turns debates over changing voting laws into existential showdowns. And it undermines the willingness of the loser to accept defeat — an essential requirement of a democracy.

This threat to democracy has a name: sectarianism. It’s not a term usually used in discussions about American politics. It’s better known in the context of religious sectarianism — like the hostility between Sunnis and Shia in Iraq. Yet a growing number of eminent political scientists contend that political sectarianism is on the rise in America. …”

There are a lot of things missing in this article:

The “fascist” and “authoritarian” Donald Trump never played hardball like this. While he was an enormous disappointment for us, Donald Trump was treated like he really was all of those things!

Now, it is undoubtedly true that “unity” and “bipartisanship” is difficult to find these days after all of this happened. It is true that there has been a sweeping change in public opinion. The tactics that were used to narrowly put Joe Biden and the Democrats in power – violence, censorship, doxxing – came with a high price. In retrospect, will Democrats look back on it and think it was worth it to pass one bill?

What exactly would be the argument against populist authoritarianism now? The establishment has used violence and intimidation against us, censored us, trampled on our civil liberties, used economic coercion against us and the intelligence agencies against us. The establishment has explicitly demonized us on racial grounds. The establishment has digitally burned books and suppressed our political speech. All the things which we are accused of doing and have not done have been done to us.

We’re not out there shooting the National Guard! We’re not the ones censoring the internet! We’re not the ones who burned down Minneapolis or who had a fit and impeached the president!

Note: The smart play was to chill. Joe Biden and the Democrats have made our case more effectively for us than we ever could ourselves. We were right about everything. They hate White people. We spent decades warning conservatives and libertarians that it would come to this.

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