Henrik Lundqvist’s NEW TEAM? NHL Rumours 2020 (Canucks, Maple Leafs, Penguins, Oilers, Blackhawks)

Henrik Lundqvist’s NEW TEAM? NHL Rumours 2020 (Canucks, Maple Leafs, Penguins, Oilers, Blackhawks)

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Today we’re reviewing Henrik Lundqvist, the former King of the New York Rangers, and going over where he can wind up composing the next section of his NHL career. We chat concerning groups that can stand to acquire from a professional goaltender like Lundqvist, that lately obtained gotten by the franchise business that drafted him twenty years back.

We’re reviewing teams like the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars, Washington Capitals, Colorado Avalanche, Philadelphia Flyers, and also Winnipeg Jets in this one.

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All this is following Lundqvist obtained gotten by the New York Rangers, complying with the Rangers loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in their 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Play-In Qualifying Series.

The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs involved sixteen teams, which were the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Islanders, as well as Columbus Blue Jackets in the East, and the Colorado Avalanche, St. Louis Blues, Vegas Golden Knights, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Chicago Blackhawks, Arizona Coyotes, and also Dallas Stars in the West.

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Dallas Stars in the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals in Game 6 to win the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Vegas Golden Knights obtained eliminated by the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference Finals in Game 5, as well as the New York Islanders were removed by the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6.

Of the Conference Semi-Final matches, the Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Vancouver Canucks, and Philadelphia Flyers have actually been eliminated.

This likewise precedes the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, which is set to occurring in a couple of days.

The existing NHL rankings for the 2020 NHL Draft go as adheres to:

First) New York Rangers
2nd) Los Angeles Kings
Third) Ottawa Senators (from San Jose Sharks).
4th) Detroit Red Wings.
5th) Ottawa Senators.
6th) Anaheim Ducks.
7th) New Jersey Devils.
8th) Buffalo Sabres.
9th) Minnesota Wild.
10th) Winnipeg Jets.
11th) Nashville Predators.
12th) Florida Panthers.
13th) Carolina Hurricanes (from Toronto Maple Leafs).
14th) Edmonton Oilers.
15th) Toronto Maple Leafs (from Pittsburgh Penguins).
16th) Montreal Canadiens.
17th) Chicago Blackhawks.
18th) New Jersey Devils (from Arizona Coyotes).
19th) Calgary Flames.
20th) New Jersey Devils (from Vancouver Canucks).
21st) Columbus Blue Jackets.
22nd) New York Rangers (from Carolina Hurricanes).
23rd) Philadelphia Flyers.
24th) Washington Capitals.
25th) Colorado Avalanche.
26th) St. Louis Blues.
27th) Anaheim Ducks (from Boston Bruins).
28th) Ottawa Senators (from New York Islanders).
29th) Vegas Golden Knights.
30th) Dallas Stars.
31st) San Jose Sharks (from Tampa Bay Lightning).

The former NHL Draft Lottery probabilities, went in order as the Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks (Senators), Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Arizona Coyotes (Devils), Minnesota Wild, Winnipeg Jets, New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks (Devils), Nashville Predators, Toronto Maple Leafs (Hurricanes), Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders (Senators), Dallas Stars, Carolina Hurricanes (Rangers), Pittsburgh Penguins (Wild), Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning (Sharks), Colorado Avalanche, Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals, St. Louis Blues, as well as Boston Bruins (Ducks).

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