Why your New Jersey business needs multifactor authentication – Morris County – NJ, Newark, Clifton | Online Computers

Why your New Jersey business needs multifactor authentication – Morris County – NJ, Newark, Clifton | Online Computers

Imagine buying a safe for your valuables. To your surprise, there’s no lock on the door. That safe is your computer if you don’t put a password to protect it.

When you put a lock on your safe, you put a layer of security. Add a latch bolt or a thumbprint reader, and you double your protection. The more layers you add, the harder it is for a thief to break open your safe. It’s not an impossible task, especially for a determined thief. But the difficulty of getting past several security precautions is enough to turn most thieves away.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is cybersecurity’s equivalent of the lock, latch bolt, and thumbprint reader combination. This approach makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to access your computer.

Each device that connects to your IT network is a potential point of entry for an unauthorized user to infiltrate your system. And now that New Jersey businesses are shifting some of their employees to permanent remote work status, the need for tougher cybersecurity is greater than ever.

What is multifactor authentication?

MFA is a method for computers to verify a user’s identity in order to grant them access. A user needs to present two or more “factors” or pieces of evidence to prove that they are who they say they are. The three most common factors used in MFA are:

Unsure how to keep your data secure?

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As MFA methods continue to evolve, more factors can be used to strengthen cybersecurity. For example, there’s already an identifier based on a user’s location. Another is a time-bound factor — users can authenticate themselves only within a specified period of time.

What are the benefits of MFA?

Businesses rely so much on technology these days. That’s why MFA is necessary for a mom-and-pop store as well as for a large enterprise. Choose an MFA solution that fits your IT infrastructure’s scale and complexity. Then you’ll reap the rewards of:

benefits of MFA

What should you consider before implementing MFA in your workplace?

If you choose to implement MFA to fortify your cybersecurity, here’s what you need to do first:

Now that almost the whole world has shifted online for business and for socialization, experts are warning that a massive cybersecurity attack may happen during this pandemic. It’s urgent that you beef up your business’s cybersecurity systems and protocols. Make sure to include an MFA solution.

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