Tee times & Trump: New York Times gets political with Dublin golfers – 614NOW

Tee times & Trump: New York Times gets political with Dublin golfers – 614NOW

According to TheNew York Times, white men without college degrees were Trump’s strongest supporters but men with college degrees were also essential in sending him to the White House.

Even now, Trump has the support of bachelor degree-holding white men because they continue to benefit from his economy.

Examples of these men live in Columbus neighborhoods and spend their afternoon knocking balls around at the Golf Club of Dublin.

The New York Times caught up with a few of these guys to talk political shop.

Here’s what they had to say:

“He may not always say things the way most presidents before him said them, but what does it matter? They didn’t get the job done. I see him as being one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever seen in this country if you’re talking about the economy.” -Mr. Fidelibus, 75, a retired banker

“I’m feeling better and better about him all the time,” said Mr. Peters, 63, a retired engineer

“He’s tough, he’s a bully, but boy things are getting done. Whether it was Obama who started it or not, the economy’s better.” -JD Kaplan, 63, self-employed graphic artist


“I can’t stand his personality and behavior [but] I feel he’s done a marvelous job.” -Sam (asked to be identified only by his first name), former Ohio assistant attorney general and now owns a manufacturing business

“Behind closed doors there’s very, very solid support [for Trump]. I think that’s exactly why the polls got it wrong in 2016. People felt intimidated, they felt bullied. They’re just not going to talk politics. But when they get in the voting booth, they’re going to look at the wonderful success he’s had.” -Charles McClenaghan, a lawyer and president of the Dublin Republican Club

“I just cannot believe what comes out of that guy’s mouth every time he speaks,” Mr. Lundahl said. “I feel like I’m on the playground as a second-grader.” -Paul Lundahl, physicist

“I don’t really care what the president says. He’s a crude guy. It’s embarrassing. But what he’s done is what he said he was going to do. How many people over the past 50 years between Obama and Clinton and Bush failed? Who made the deals? Trump did.” -Steve (asked to be identified only by his first name), veterinarian

Other men NYT spoke with voiced their support of President Trump but did not want their identities disclosed for fear of upsetting clients, colleagues or family members.

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