Purple ankle boots under a lilac skirt – Nancys Fashion Style

Purple ankle boots under a lilac skirt – Nancys Fashion Style

Oh I did find another fabulous pair of ankle boots! Purple ankle boots! Don’t you just love that!

If you write in a language other than your own, it is sometimes very difficult to describe emotions. No, this is not a pathetic story or a tear-jerker. I’m not like that, you should know by now. Of course I’m just talking about fashion.

I love monochrome outfits. All those different shades of a certain color! I think it’s so beautiful. I can go lyrical about such outfits. Just like for example a pair of boots that you are completely in love with. That you just want to look at them, touch them, feel them! Do you know what I mean? Or am I really that weird. Rethorical question yes! But that’s what I mean by that it is hard to write how I can feel about some fashion items!

Lilac and purple, fascinating!

So I am wearing a monochrome look today. Gail of Is this Mutton also wears monochrome outfits often! And she wore these shade just recently. But she also looks fabulous in her green monochrome look!

The skirt I am wearing here is actually a summer skirt but I find it much nicer to wear it with a sweater and boots than with sandals. And this sweater is perfect for this skirt. The skirt is a very light lilac and the darker colors of the sweater lift the skirt a bit up. There is also a gold thread in the sweater. I find that perfect because I always wear gold-colored accessories.

Purple ankle boots 

And those ankle boots! What a beautiful color huh! I love them. They were very cheap but nevertheless they are a pretty good quality. And feel good on my feet. Just like the gun metal ankle boots, these are the kind of ankle boots I can be lyrical about! The color, the shape, the way they fit to your feet. Well, by now you really must be thinking I had some strange mushroom for lunch.lilac pencil skirt in tweedpurple striped sweater and lilac ringpurple ankle bootsmonochrome look in purplepurple ankle bootsclose up of myselffashion blogger in purple outfit

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