June 1st – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1229 | The Last Refuge

June 1st – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1229 | The Last Refuge

It’s really frightening how easy it is to start a riot. Back in my college days, I saw one firsthand in 1972.

Back in those days, there was a small group of sleeze bags that called themselves Viet Nam Veterans Against the War. The thing was that none of them were actually veterans; they went around wearing old army jackets that they had gotten from the surplus store. When the USSR fell, records revealed that the VVAW was actually funded by the KGB and were professional agitators.

In 1972, to force the NVA to the peace table, Haiphong harbor was mined. Shortly after this, these VVAW creeps in colleges around the country held a “protest” in support of the NVA. At my university, there was about 15 of them (the university had 45,000 students at the time). They started in the park in front of the library (high traffic area) with their bullhorn spouting rhetoric. Then they marched over to the street in front of the administration building and blocked the road. (some tactics never change with these people). It was a 6 lane main road they were blocking by sitting down in a line across the six lanes.

All these antics started drawing onlookers. Eventually, fire hoses were used to wash them off the road (it was pretty funny). They kept persisting and kept getting washed off. But the crowds kept growing and the word spread. Soon crowds from the local community college started forming but when the local high schools let out, the crowd skyrocketed. There were thousands of onlookers and eventually hundreds of police units.

When it got dark the violence started. This core group of about 15 people now started rousing the crowd of young people. I saw a government car attacked and vandalized. They attempted to set fires in campus buildings so maintenance people were stationed in them with fire fighting equipment. Now keep in mind, this was not the, by this time literally thousands of people doing the violence and destruction, it was just a handful along with some stupid kids trying to show off.

Spent tear gas canisters became souvenirs. A modified armored car with a rotating spray nozzle on top was spraying out streams of pepper spray. Large numbers of people were being arrested and transported to jail in Greyhound buses by the bus load.

The next night, it started up again. When it was over after two nights, a lot of damage and over 450 people arrested. All this from 15 KGB funded assholes who collected a crowd and turned it into a mob.

So, this was 48 years ago and the same types of creeps are doing the same things. A small group collecting crowds with their outrageous antics and turning them into mobs with some people copying their behavior.

Remove the people behind it and it will stop. I am confident that the majority of the 450 people arrested had no idea what the hell was going on and that it was all started by 15 paid agitators. They were just copying bad behavior and feeling empowered by these professional agitators. I watched some of it going on and it was not a pretty sight.

So I hope they identify and arrest the paid agitators real fast and more important, identify and arrest the people who hired them. JMHO.

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