4 Tips to Help Your Dog Love the Vet – VetIQ

4 Tips to Help Your Dog Love the Vet – VetIQ

Vet visits are an important part of keeping your dog healthy. But if your dog dreads seeing the doctor, the hassle can almost seem to outweigh the risk (almost!). Thankfully, there are easy ways to help your dog love the vet.

Friendly Face

Just like you don’t want to visit a doctor with a bad bedside manner, your dog wants to interact with a vet who is friendly and patient. If the vet doesn’t seem to mesh with your dog, then maybe it’s time to look for another professional to care for your pet.

Test Run

Ask your vet’s office if you can bring your dog in on a day when you don’t have an appointment. Feed your dog treats, like Minties Dental Bones, in the waiting room and then leave. Repeat this process and slowly build up to get your dog weighed, visit the exam room, etc., until your dog views trips to the vet as an enjoyable experience!

Quiet Time

If your dog isn’t a fan of other animals or loud noises, ask the veterinarian’s office when the office is the quietest. If you’re able to book an appointment when the office is less crowded, your pup will be able to relax easier.

Say Good-Bye

Don’t rush out the door if your dog reacts or becomes afraid. Instead, find a safe space where he can calm down and receive treats, even if that’s outside. You always want to leave the vet on a positive note.

If none of these tips are helping, then it may be time to see a professional. A dog trainer will be able to understand your individual dog’s fears and how to overcome them.

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