Little Boss (2018) South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie | Nani, Haripriya, Bindu Madhavi

Little Boss (2018) South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie | Nani, Haripriya, Bindu Madhavi

PJ is a spoilt and an arrogant youngster. His grandfather writes a will with several conditions before he dies. His will states that PJ would inherit the entire wealth only if he completes his graduation as a common man without any luxuries. PJ now has to not only complete his graduate studies but he must do it within three years and he should study in a government college in a small village called Siripuram.

The will also states that PJ needs to stay in a hostel in Siripuram and manage living with a very little money. He goes to the village and meets the warden of the hostel Rajanna (Rao Ramesh). He begins adapting to the situations and changes his lavish lifestyle. He starts to understand the value of life and human beings. He becomes good friends with Kanna Babu (Srinivas Avasarala), Jaatheeyam (Dhanraj), Maqbool (“Tagubothu” Ramesh) and others. After hilarious scenes of how PJ struggles to adapt to simple village life, PJ takes the supplementary exams and with the help of Sindhu (Hari Priya), PJ passes it. Months after he joins the college, another condition of his grandfather is revealed: PJ needs to be elected as student union president of the college. During his struggle to live there and fulfill the conditions set by his grandfather his transformation from arrogance to humility appeals to the villagers and students. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Sindhu. It is revealed that the true purpose and reason behind his grandfather’s conditions was because of PJ’s father, who married against the wishes of Rudra Ramaraju. As a result, he was deprived of his inheritance. However Rudra Ramaraju realizes his mistake after his son and daughter-in-law (PJ’s mother) are killed in an accident. PJ succeeds in fulfilling the conditions laid down by his grandfather and he also transforms into a good person. He also risks his entire property to save Kanna Babu’s life. Due to this reason he earns back his wealth and love of all, becoming a righteous Zamindar.



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