Welcome to Little Manila!! – Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Welcome to Little Manila!! – Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Welcome to Little Manila in Jersey City, NJ in the United States!! I made this tour video walking and driving. This community is located in the Journal Square district, specifically in the Five Corners neighborhood in the city of Jersey City. In Newark Avenue, close to Summit Avenue and its surroundings, has a lot of Filipino restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, travel agencies, and more. Also, a just a few blocks east in Newark Ave, there is a strip mall of Pinoy stores. (Since this area is very diverse, it also has a lot of stores and restaurants of other nationalities, but as you can see in this video, there are rows of Pinoy stores and restaurants, making this area a Little Manila.) Being in these restaurants you feel that you are in the Philippines. Jersey City has over 16,000 Filipinos and is a very diverse city of over a quarter million inhabitants, located just west of New York City, across the Hudson River. Close to Little Manila, just a few blocks, there is a major transportation hub with trains and buses, which is very easy to visit here.
Also, there are a lot of Filipinos in some parts of the city, such as in Downtown Jersey City, and therefore, there’s an avenue that is called “Manila Avenue”, but is not a commercial avenue; is a residential avenue with a lot of houses and some buildings, but is very close to the area of skyscrapers, hotels and businesses.



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