‘Perfectly imperfect’ dog called Picasso born with wonky face is finally adopted – World News – Mirror Online

‘Perfectly imperfect’ dog called Picasso born with wonky face is finally adopted – World News – Mirror Online

A dog born with a facial deformity has finally been adopted.

Picasso, who was named after the Spanish artist, has a twisted face owing to an abnormality in his upper jaw.

But the pup, a pit-bull, chihuahua and pomeranian mix, has been called “perfectly imperfect” and now has a loving owner.

He was born with a “wry mouth” – an upper jaw deformity, meaning he has an overbite that points left and can sadly only lick the left side of his face.

The dog’s name was inspired after his twisted facial features resembled some Picasso’s of the famous abstract paintings such as The Weeping Woman.

Despite his appearance, the dog is not in pain and can still eat, bark and play.


Lisel Wilhard)

It was around Christmas time in 2016 when Picasso and his brother Pablo, who has no disfigurements, were abandoned, The Express reports.

The brothers were taken into a California dog shelter and were almost put to sleep.

But thankfully they have been adopted by 51-year-old Liesl Wilhardt.

“Once they know he isn’t in any pain and nothing horrible happened to him, they relax.”

Originally planning to foster the siblings, Liesl officially adopted Picasso after Pablo tragically died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in October 2017.

The mix bred hound now lives alongside Liesl’s eight other rescue dogs, two cats and a rescue pig named Pax.

Liesl said: “I fell in love with him straight away. We are the best of friends.”

She added: “He was actually almost killed as a puppy because he ate some plastic and it caused a blockage in his system.

“Nobody knows why some animals are born with this condition. Something just happens when they are developing in the womb.

“He is not in any pain and does not need corrective surgery. He can still do all the things other dogs can do.

“He can do everything a normal dog does, but he is a bit of a messy eater. He knows tricks and commands. He can play dead, wave, walk backwards in circles, jump through hoops. You know it, he can do it.

“His jaw line is fine and he can open his mouth normally as you can see with his amazing yawns.”

Today, Picasso also has gained a legion of fans on social media, with more than 263,000 followers on Instagram, Liesl posts updates of the her pet.

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