Who Run The World? T.T & B! – Tina Turner Blog

Who Run The World? T.T & B! – Tina Turner Blog

Today marks the 5 years anniversary of their, now legendary, 2008 Grammy performance and on this occasion we take a closer look at the influence that T. had on B.

“If there was an award for biggest know groupie of Tina Turner, i would win that title!”
Well when she said that back in 2005 when Tina was inducted into the Kennedy Center Honor, Oprah Winfrey forgot that an other celebrity was inspired a lot by Tina. And Miss Beyonce showed it to the world on that same night when she took the stage for an homage to her idol.
When watching Beyonce performing, one can wonder why she is always compared to Tina Turner. At first, the similarities aren’t that obvious for someone who isn’t familiar to Tina Turner career and persona; Beyonce rose to fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of Destiny Child, she grew up watching Tina performing on tv and found out that if she was going to be an entertainer she would be like her! Of course Tina Turner comes from another time, she learned how to make music in the 50’s. Her stage persona is wild, raunchy, she is the definition of Rock n’ Roll. While Beyonce is from this new generation of singer, more polished with music intended for teenagers not carrying much about quality but more about album sales.

But still, Beyonce proved that she was more than that. That she learned from the best and was going to prove it by being a hard working woman both on and off stage but also by giving a positive image of herself to her fans. Through the years we’ve noticed a lot of similarities between the 2 performers; incredible stage shows, sheer spectacle, performances that are more energy and power than virtuosic vocal demonstrations, big blondish hair, great legs, and of course, this (photo montage by Jamie C.):

In 2008 it was announced that Tina Turner would come out of retirement to make her first proper public live performance in eight years at the Grammy Awards. The excitement was even greater when it was rumored that Beyonce would join Tina for a duet.

Sporting a skin-tight silver bustier and matching capri pants, Tina warmed up for the duet with a medley of What’s Love Got To Do With It and Better Be Good To Me.

Turner, 68 at the time and 26-year-old Beyoncé got the crowd on their feet with a lively version of Proud Mary, for which Ike & Tina Turner won a Grammy in 1972. Among the fans tapping their feet were veteran rocker John Fogerty, who wrote the song. By the end, Beyoncé looked exhausted, but Turner seemed ready for more.

As a bonus, Tina picked up a Grammy Award as a participant on jazz icon Herbie Hancock’s surprise album of the year winner River: The Joni Letters.

The video of the duet being property of the Grammy, it is not allowed to upload it on Youtube. So as a little compensation, for those who never saw or heard it ( is there any ?), you can listen to the whole perform on the blog!

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