10 Surprising Ways To Show Your Dog Love – Golden Woofs

10 Surprising Ways To Show Your Dog Love – Golden Woofs

All dog parents know that our four-legged companions bring joy, happiness, and unconditional love into our lives and enrich it beyond imagination. How can you show your dog love? February 20 is designated day as “Love Your Pet Day.” A special day and an opportunity to show your love and appreciation to your dog. Here are ten amazing and surprising things you can do to show your dog you love him.

10 Surprising Ways To Show Your Dog Love

1. Bake a special homemade treat for your dog
Your pooch will be delighted if you bake something special. Nothing shows your appreciation more than a homemade treat made with yummy healthy ingredients and you can share with your dog too. The ultimate way to spoil your dog is baking a homemade dog cake which will make them feel very special indeed. Don’t have time to bake? A piece of cheese will definitely make your dog drool or an easy homemade Banana Strawberry Heart Shaped Ice Cream or plan to purchase a special treat from a pet bakery.

2. Gift your dog a special toy
A new toy is always really exciting for our furry friends. But a new toy with food inside is heaven on earth! Treat dispensing toys are not just innovative and fun, they keep your canine companion occupied for ages and give a pleasurable experience when the treat finally comes out. Treat dispensing toys aren’t just fun for dogs – watching them play with the new toy is more fun than TV! Also, taking your furry friend to a pet shop to try out different toys and then selecting his favorite one is the supreme gift for him.

3. Enjoy quality cuddle time
Spending time with your dog is the most cherished gift ever for your furry buddy. And he loves it, even more, when you’re on the same level as him. Sitting on the floor together can make him very happy as he has full access to you while sitting in your lap or just snuggling up to your side to get his never-ending tummy rub. Your four-legged friend will enjoy the cuddling just as much as you do. This is quality me-time without thinking about anything else – it’s simply for relaxation and feeling good.

4. Massage your dog
Massage is good for us and also for dogs! Many dogs love a gentle, full-body massage that incorporates all parts of the body from head to toe. It doesn’t only relax their muscles and relieve stiffness but also leads to the excretion of love and wellbeing hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins after only 5 minutes of interaction. This amazing additional benefit also helps to deepen your bond. Start practicing and massage your dog.

5. Dress up time
Some dogs love to dress up, either with a new bandana, shirt, or hair ribbon. They feel special and know they look really pretty. Therefore, it’s a great idea to buy a new stylish piece of clothing to shower your beauty queens and kings with your praise and love. But dressing up doesn’t just have to be buying a new outfit or bandana, it can even be a fancy new fur hairstyle; dogs like cocker spaniel, Bichon Frisées, or Maltese don’t mind going for a walk with ribbons on their fur. Style reigns and it’s fun, too, if your dog likes it. And the ultimate style is to go out in a matching partner look. Twinning in stylish outfits with your canine partner brings fun, joy, admiration, and delight.

6.Treat your dog to its favorite activity or experience
Your dog deserves its own ‘spa day’. Reserve a half-day for your dog and let him enjoy his favorite activity or experience – running in the garden or dog park, going for a hike, fetching a ball, or playing with your dog’s favorite toy over and over again. Some beauty-loving dogs prefer spa time with a bath and grooming and brushing afterward or even a shower in the garden. Find out what your canine companion likes most and give it to him. This is a great bonding experience for you and your furry partner and gives him real ‘me-time’ when he has his dog parent all to himself.

7. Teach them a new trick
Dogs love to learn new tricks. This great mental stimulation is good for both of you and helps you bond and is great fun too. Give him positive reinforcement with his favorite training treats. Your dog wants to please you, and this is the time for him to show his best efforts and for you to shower him with rewards, affection, and love. The more you praise him for learning the trick and performing it well, the more he feels that you love him and are proud of him. This is the perfect win-win situation for both of you.

8. Take your dog on a date
Take your dog on a play date with his favorite doggie friend. Each dog has his best friend – and meeting this bestie for a round of wild playtime is a great way to show your dog appreciation. It is also an enjoyable time for you and the other dog parents too. But what if your dog’s play date is busy? No worries – you can be his play date instead. Running around, throwing his toys, playing hide and seek – your dog will know how much you love and cherish him by joining him in having so much fun.

9. Take a drive or trip
Some dogs love to drive in a car. It’s a real highlight for them. Not just to see new things outside, but also to be with you makes it a special time. The ultimate treat is taking your furry friend for a trip to a favorite destination, may it be a road trip, countryside, or another town. This is pure excitement as dogs love new experiences. It brings new experiences and new sights that stimulate both your brains – and creates beautiful lasting memories and lovely photoshoots too.

10. Let’s make music together
Our four-legged friends appreciate music a lot. Although their taste in music may vary, plenty of our furry buddies enjoy music and relax when hearing it, especially when you play an instrument yourself such as the guitar. While some start sleeping happily, others want to join in and sing along. The ultimate bonding experience is howling together – no, I meant singing! – and this reinforces ancient instincts of living in dog packs. So, what more love can you give your four-legged partner than making your own music band with him. But don’t forget to warn your neighbors before starting your doggie musical soiree!

This list could go on and on. Let your dog feel that you love him every day and not just on “Love Your Pet Day”. He is your best friend and will never let you down. Cherish this beautiful relationship – you’ll never find a better one! Let your dog feel valued and appreciated as part of your family as he brings the sun into your life.

“The sun shines not from the sky, but from the look into my dog’s eyes!”

Golden Thanks to Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller for sharing these ways to show your dog love. Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller is a leading vet and award-winning author of Your Pet, Your Pill: 101 Inspirational Stories About How Pets Lead You to A Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life out now, available on Amazon (affiliate link)

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