The Ultimate Sound System for a Classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro – Life Style Store

The Ultimate Sound System for a Classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro – Life Style Store

Creating a room that does it all – entertain, play music, or relax seems like an easy room to design – wrong!

Whether it’s to watch a movie, listen to your favourite songs, or have friends over for the big game, its important to have this space free of technology chaos.

A fantastic entertainment room for your home is a luxury to any home. Before you begin the design of your entertainment room there are things to consider.

An ideal home entertainment room set up will involve a bit of research and though on the following things:

Start by asking exactly what you really want to create from this space. Is it to relax, watch movies, listen to music, or entertain guest over conversation or music/entertainment?

This will help you determine what you will be primarily shopping for when it comes to your space design and making sure you cater to those desired needs.

If you prioritise particular things for instance, you want a kick-ass TV because your entertainment room will be mostly used for those purposes, and then invest your money on great quality television.

Or think about your media sources that you will need – will you be setting up pay TV? Or will you be streaming via Apple TV?

Will your seating be for one or several? Will you want a large couch, a lazy boy or perhaps a beanbag?

TV and furniture placement is extremely important for the comfort and convenience of your entertainment room.

Considering some of these rooms aren’t the biggest in the house you may have a small space to work with. Keeping the distance between the television and seating can make a huge difference in the audio-visual experience.

Pushing furniture to the back of your room and having the television on the opposite wall is optimal. Alternatively if the shape of your room square, you will want to create more of a rectangular shape and this could be done by building false walls on either side of the room.

Sound and lighting is important for setting the atmosphere, ideally you will want curtains that absorb sound. You can also invest in black out curtains to keep the room nice and dark and ready play some films!

This will make or break your entertainment room. For the most impressive sound system look into purchasing something that includes 5-7 speakers around your room, and a subwoofer.

Life Style Store staff can help you decipher which system is perfect for you, all you need to do is listen and enjoy while they install it all.

Once your sound system is in and you have your TV set up, make sure you keep your wires organised – this is an absolute essential!

We love helping people chose exciting products for their entertainment rooms and will ensure you chose the right products for you. Visit us at Life Style Store for more enquiries about home entertainment rooms!

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