Chuck E’s Halloween Boo-Tastic Dance // Live Show // Middletown, NJ

Chuck E’s Halloween Boo-Tastic Dance // Live Show // Middletown, NJ

Chuck E Cheese’s in Middletown, New Jacket
Shot on October 10th 2020

This is my last main see to CEC because I am a beginning with someone unique in my life and I am beginning to outgrow trip, it’s now time for me to have my CEC chapter shut and start a brand-new phase with a nice tidy slate and a favorable ambiance!

This is the new CEC live program, as opposed to Chuck E being there in person, the Animatronics are performing the online show and thankfully I was there for DJ Munch’s Glow Party and also it was fun and also the program looked amazing at night. Fulfill some nice folks over there and also some knew me because well … people at Middletown recognize me from YouTube “clearly for 4 years straight” they were trendy of me filming the show and now a days some shops allow you film and some do not as a result of that dumb report that’s walking around crazy!

Anyhow, there’s even more ahead and I hope you men are pumped as I am and also do not fret, I’ll attempt to publish some Archives, LED Light videos and some great news videos regarding CEC!

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