Measure your Worth – Life Style Calculator — Rod Cunich

Measure your Worth – Life Style Calculator — Rod Cunich

Keypoint Law has launched the new website Law Set Free, dedicated to enabling lawyers (or any professional for that matter) to calculate their return on investment for the hours they work with a first-of-its-kind lifestyle calculator.  

Give it a try – measuring everything from commute time to the amount of non-client related work, the calculator asks for a range of data, ultimately producing a pie chart that describes a day in the life of a lawyer and measures exactly how time is spent.

But there’s more – a means to an end, a solution
The website is designed to inspire conversation about work-life balance, and promote professional firms that are structured to enable flexible working hours, flexible locations of work, and also the ability to achieve a very high return on investment.  

The website show cases the Keypoint Law business model to demonstrate that professionals can adopt business structures that enable them enjoy a great work-life balance.

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