Birkenstocks In Fashion: Celebrities Who Wear the Birkenstock Sandal | Fashion Style Advice

Birkenstocks In Fashion: Celebrities Who Wear the Birkenstock Sandal | Fashion Style Advice

In recent years, Birkenstocks have seen a resurgence in popularity. Anyone who owns a pair knows this is no coincidence. They are comfortable and can be very stylish with the right outfit. Clearly, some celebrities agree, as many have taken to wearing them, especially in those warm Californian summers.

Julianne Moore

Putting the Gizeh sandals together with loose-fitting joggers, a black shirt and denim jacket, Moore crafted a great summer look. The acclaimed actress has perfectly folded Birkenstocks into her always fashionable wardrobe.

Naomi Watts

The actress, who is known known for Mullholland Drive, King Kong, Birdman and more, sometimes sports Birkenstocks. She has nailed the relaxes but stylish look that goes perfectly with women’s Birkenstocks.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The child-actresses turned fashion designers put an unusual spin on Birkenstocks: wearing them with socks. Of course, you can only expect the Olsen twins to set new trends. They have also sported Birkenstock Gizeh sandals, another popular design by the brand.

Miranda Kerr

The model has been known to wear Birkenstocks with distressed jeans and a sleeveless top. Again, this is a great example of a comfortable and casual look that is still chic.

Alexa Chung

By pairing Birkenstocks with skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a sweater, the British model created a preppy look with the comfortable sandals. While Birkenstocks are best known for more casual looks, they can work great with a wide variety of outfits.

Why Birkenstocks

These celebrities and many others have sported Birkenstock sandals. The recent increase in popularity is likely due to how comfortable the sandals are, even for all-day wear. They also can work stylishly in a lot of outfits.

Whether you opt for the classic leather design, another shape or even another material, such as the lightweight and durable Birkenstock Arizona rubber Eva sandals, you can be sure you are making a great choice. After all, you clearly won’t be alone in wearing them.

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