The 2020 Spring Comfort Shoe Shopping Guide | Real Life Style

The 2020 Spring Comfort Shoe Shopping Guide | Real Life Style

Here it is, the most popular blog of the year! New and exciting this year, we have alphabetized the list because we found so many options and we are all a little overwhelmed right now, aren’t we? However, we do need comfortable shoes for our daily quarantine walks. I’m also going to bet that after dressing comfortably for so long, no one is going to want to put on uncomfortable shoes when we finally get out of quarantine. The spring comfort shoe blog is laid out by brand because women with shoe fit problems tend to know which brands fit them.

These are not comfortable shoes from designer brands, but designer looking shoes from comfort brands, all in alphabetical order. I’ve tried to include a range in each brand; a sneaker, a flat, a loafer, some heels, and of course, a lot of sandals. Every brand has its own specialty of course but we’ve pulled out the most on trend styles, even if they are not what you would normally expect from the brand.

We usually like to post the more interesting colors, but if you like a shoe, click through to the website to see all available colors. Just because we posted it in leopard print doesn’t mean it doesn’t come in black! Trust me, it probably comes in black or we wouldn’t have included it. Also, sometimes different colors are listed separately, so if you like a style, search it on the brand’s site to make sure you are seeing all of the available colors and patterns.

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Prices are as marked when this blog was written! However, I did not change the price when a brand was having a blanket sale across the site, because I felt that was too subject to change. Please click through for the most up-to-date prices.

AGL has long had a devoted following of women who swear by the comfort of their shoes and are willing to pay for it. especially their signature ballet flats. The brand has made a push in the last few years to be known as more of a fashion brand than a comfort one. Luckily for you, the shoes are still comfortable, just edgier but in a classic, Italian way. If they work for your feet, you can’t go wrong investing in a pair of AGL shoes.

ALLY is new to the list this year! I met Samantha Dong, the owner and CEO of this innovative shoe company, at a trunk show in DC and immediately scheduled a meeting with her during my next trip to New York. (Check out my Zoom chat with her, A Working Mom’s Survival Guide to Covid-19 Quarantine when you need a lifeline!) Have you ever heard of wearing high heels described as “pillows under your feet”? That quote is from Vanity Fair magazine. These heels have arch support and padding. Each style comes in a myriad of colors, including glitter! ALLY offers three different widths, narrow, medium and wide. I had completely given up on high heels and now I can wear them again. Thank you, Sam! As a thank you to my readers for their support, she has given me a discount code for you. Use code LANI50 for a $50 discount off your first pair of ALLY shoes.

Anne Klein is a working woman’s standard comfort shoe, but doesn’t have to look like it. We have long had clients who swear by Anne Klein for comfortable, reasonably priced work shoes. We love the comfort but encourage our clients to shop the more fashionable side of the line, such as the styles we have highlighted for you below.

Cole Haan has long been a go-to for more comfortable styles. The brand has gone through multiple iterations of their comfort lines, starting with their original Nike collaboration and settling now with their Grand collections. Cole Haan has really gotten their styling and fit right lately. After not shopping the brand extensively for a few years, we have been finding many stylish options for both our male and female clients this past year.

Dansko is one of those lines that can be very cool or decidedly not. And if the fit works for you, it really works. I am a big fan of the wooden block heeled sandals, which are very Danish girl chic. Every summer I try to get a pair, but by the time I get around to shopping for myself, the ones I want are sold out. Yes, the most stylish options sell out fast so get them while you can! I do have a pair of their classic clogs, which are perfect under seventies style, flared J. Brand jeans. When you put a pair of the clogs on, you can hear your feet exclaiming, “Aaahhhh….”, as they relax.

I just had a fashion heart attack on the Fit Flop website. I mean, what the heck happened to Fit Flop? I’ve always had a soft spot for the brand because it was started by Marcia Kilgore, the genius behind Bliss Spas and products. I was a client of her’s in New York before the spa was even called Bliss. However, I could never get past how, let’s say, “pedestrian” the shoes looked. Fit-Flop just didn’t pass the New York fashion test. I couldn’t let my clients buy them under my watch. Just. Too. Ugly. There, I said it. But now? They have clogs that look like they could be $800 designer sandals from Chloe. Even the sneakers look amazing. There were too many stylish options to count and way to many to show them all to you. Please go to the Fit Flop site to see all the new, stylish options yourself!

The Flexx brand shoes have a distinctive sole, which I happen to think looks really modern and almost avant-garde. They have a variety of styles, from sandals to boots, all made with super soft leather and a flexible rubber sole. The Flexx shoes are so comfortable we have trouble getting clients to give them up when they are worn out! We had difficulty finding many styles for a few season but now that Nordstrom carries them online, there are a tremendous number of stylish options from which to choose.

Paul Green is on the higher end of the comfort brand spectrum. However, the shoes last so long, you are more than getting your money’s worth. Somehow Paul Green shoes manage to be both classic and in-style at the same time. Combine those traits with their high-quality construction and Paul Green shoes are a worthy investment.

Teva sandals have been “in style” for a number of seasons now. In the beginning of the trend, you could only buy the basic colors, albeit in leather, in addition to the original nylon. Well, you could buy patterns but they were not stylish enough for us fashion folk. My how things have changed. Now there are flatforms, platforms, crazy amazing patterns, and fringe! Yes, fringe on your Tevas. Scroll through and prepare for some fun. Better yet, buy a pair! Can you guess which pair are my favorite? No? Me either! I can’t decide, I love so many of the styles. I “only” have a plain black leather FYI.

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