Blast Off 🚀 We co-hosted a 420 Party in BK & More — Life + Style Blog ✨

Blast Off 🚀 We co-hosted a 420 Party in BK & More — Life + Style Blog ✨

Cannabis Gone Global

The cannabis conversation is global and it’s fascinating to watch. One of my favorite waves is in how people gain access to quality controlled cannabis. Canada is one country that allows online ordering. You can legit, buy weed online. I remember the first time I went to Canada, by way of Buffalo, NY. To be so close to Niagara Falls and not visit would have been shameful. So I happily walked myself across the “boarder” and explored.

The drinking age was 19 and I took my little coins and had my first legal drink at a TGIFridays in Ontario and it was glorious. Since then I’ve grown and prefer my herbals for relaxation and stimulation. I also love convenience, so having the ability to order cannabis online and have it delivered is very enticing. Perhaps it is time to move to greener pastures?

Acting Update:

Over the last few months I have been doing more background work. I’ve filmed for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Deuce and I finally got on Succession! A HBO show that I live for!!! By the grace of God I did my first photo-doubling, which garnered me a waiver for The Good Fight. Even though I am SAG eligible, it felt good seeing what that sag bag looks like! This and speaking with other SAG members has me rethinking my entire acting career and strategy. From my vantage point it seems like the move is to join SAG.

Can you guess which set the pics below are from??

This week I’ve got to submit a callback audition and I am hoping to be off book by tomorrow, no later than Friday. I really enjoy this script and want to increase my chances of landing the part which will be filming in Vermont over the Summer. So getting off book asap and making the character my own is crucial.

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