A Level courses for international students | Bellerbys College

A Level courses for international students | Bellerbys College

What are A Levels?

A Levels (Advanced Levels) are subject-based qualifications in UK schools. International students typically study three or four A Level subjects over two years.

A Levels are accepted by every university in the UK, and recognised worldwide. This means you have the opportunity to apply to universities and degrees that may not accept a foundation course. Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College, UCL and most medical degrees, for example, all require A Levels.

Why choose our A Level programme?

Studying A Levels at Bellerbys means you can make your university choices while you are here in the UK, benefiting from expert advice and campus visits during your studies.

We understand you may face disruption in receiving your final academic results and English language test in 2020. Whilst our courses are online, we have introduced the following changes so that you can start your journey and we can get you to where you want to be.

For academic results we will take in to account your individual circumstances when assessing academic achievement. For further information about this, please contact your Student Enrolment Advisor or make an online enquiry, or contact your local agent.

For courses starting this year (2020), we have expanded the list of English tests we will accept for entry to programmes at Bellerbys College. Find out more here.

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