A Dua Lipa (life) Style Edit: Evolving With The Times

A Dua Lipa (life) Style Edit: Evolving With The Times

At the beginning of the worldwide lockdown, Dua Lipa—unlike other artists who chose to delay album releases due to our collective circumstance—came out with Future Nostalgia a week earlier than she had originally planned. It wasn’t easy, least of all because the album had leaked online, but it’s how things came about anyway. 

“I made the album to get away from any pressures and anxieties and opinions from the outside world,” she says, befitting as COVID-19 forced us all into the confines of our homes and away from everything and everyone else. But as she admits of the bops and rhythms present in her songs, “It was made to be listened out in the clubs and festivals…but at the same time, I wanted to give people some happiness during this time, where they don’t have to think about what’s going on and just shut off and dance.”

With millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams on hits like Pretty Please, Levitating, Good In Bed and Love Again, dance she made us do. Like she says, “Maybe it had to just come out now, rather than later.” 

Besides, with the additional release of Club Future Nostalgia with The Blessed Madonna in late August, there really is no stopping her, which, essentially, means there is no stopping us. Sometimes shutting out the noise and breaking out into a frustrated and confused dancing mess is really just the best self-therapy. Throw in a drink (or two) if you can handle it and shout out the lyrics to Love Is Religion while you’re at it.

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