S’pore Covid-19 death rate is lowest in the world

S’pore Covid-19 death rate is lowest in the world

Singapore has the lowest Covid-19 death rate in the world, according to Reuters using data compiled from countries that have recorded more than 1,000 cases.


27 deaths so far

There has been just 27 deaths out of more than 57,000 cases here.

This puts the death rate at 0.05 per cent, where the global average is around 3 per cent.

In the last two months, no one has died from Covid-19 in Singapore.

Countries with a similar sized population, such as Denmark and Finland, have death rates of around 3 per cent and 4 per cent respectively.

Covid-19 less severe among the young

Singapore has made masks mandatory in public since April.

With the cutting off of foreign travellers arriving here, the virus has been transmitted locally mainly among foreigners working here in the labour-intensive and construction industries.

Some 95 per cent of Covid-19 infections in Singapore are concentrated among these migrant workers in their 20s or 30s.

Even though the disease is widespread among the migrant workers, they are impacted less severely as they are young, and many of whom show few or no symptoms.


Aggressive testing

Singapore focuses on early detection using aggressive contact tracing and testing.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has praised Singapore for this.

Nearly 900,000 people have been swabbed.

This is more than 15 per cent of the 5.7 million population, making Singapore’s swabbing efforts one of the highest per capita rates globally.

Tests are carried out on

– dormitory residents put on rostered testing regime,
– those in vulnerable communities like care homes, and
– anyone over age 13 with signs of acute respiratory infection

Treating non-vulnerable cases seriously

Covid-19 patients above 45 years old or with underlying conditions are cared for in hospital even if they are well, as they fall under the vulnerable group.

To ensure there is enough vacancies, bed space are set up in exhibition halls and other temporary facilities to house those with mild or no symptoms.

This prevented the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Singapore no longer has Covid-19 patients in intensive care.


Death from Covid-19 complications low

So far, Singapore has been sticking closely to the WHO’s case definition for classifying Covid-19 deaths.

The consensus among medical experts is that figures are expected not to go up significantly even if the official death toll includes patients who died due to non-pneumonia fatalities, such as those caused by blood or heart issues.

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