20 Theater Figures on How to ‘Revolutionize’ Their World – The New York Times

20 Theater Figures on How to ‘Revolutionize’ Their World – The New York Times

“Eliminate unpaid internships and low-paying apprenticeships. Too many organizations rely on exploitative labor practices that condition young theater workers to devalue their personal and professional worth. If theaters truly want to cultivate a diverse work force, they need to make sure early career opportunities aren’t limited to the most wealthy and privileged candidates.” — LAUREN HALVORSEN, dramaturge and writer

“It’s time to reopen. More people are flying because they have friends who have flown and lived to tell about it. Compelling discounts at first. A credible testing system in place. Masks. Selling every other seat for a month or two. Intrepid New Yorkers will be the first, as they were after 9/11. Then the more watchful New Yorkers. Then the tourists. People need to see other people entering and leaving the theaters. Little by little this will seem normal, not frightening.” — ROCCO LANDESMAN, producer

“Assuming that theater as we know it still exists, I would love to see more small, community-focused theaters getting funding and media attention. The primary impact of Covid-19 will be to worsen the already unacceptable inequalities of our society, and our current elitist pipeline shouldn’t be treated as the only valid form of theater in this country.” — YOUNG JEAN LEE, playwright

“I hope to see and be part of more works that are made to span traditional theater venues, digital media and the streets. Performances that might have components designed specifically for the theater and for our TikTok feeds, or a musical that spills out into the streets as a protest.” — NIEGEL SMITH, artistic director, the Flea

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