Life-Style Evangelism | A Satisfied Spirit

Life-Style Evangelism | A Satisfied Spirit

When Jesus was asked what is the most important commandment of the Law He replied;

Perhaps there is a 3rd Commandment in the New Testament that we sometimes miss because it’s not seen in that light.  I suggest that the following needs to be added.

In the sermon this past Sunday our Asst. Pastor had done some research into how churches thrived and survived the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.  His take away from the research was the Believers of that time practiced Life-Style Evangelism.

Having trained in Life-Style Evangelism several years ago at Ridgecrest, in North Carolina, I learned that sharing Jesus with our friends and neighbors is as important as any other ministry in the local church.  Below is a list of some ways you can practice this very important part of our Christian walk.

Wear a piece of jewelry that invites discussion.

Take a glass of something cold to your neighbor, or the person doing lawn work, or any other outdoor job, in the hot days of summer.

Visit or call someone at home, in a hospital, or nursing home that doesn’t get visitors. (Of course, call ahead, because they may be isolated due to Covid-19.)

Call friends and family to say I’m thinking of you.

Invite the person who is sitting alone (in church, at a restaurant, etc.) to sit with you.

When someone’s name pops into your mind send them an ‘I’m thinking of you’ note.

Follow through when you’ve said you would do something. IF you said I’ll call, then call.

Don’t hesitate to pray anywhere and anytime you’re asked.  Yes, even when you aren’t asked.  If you see the need, pray!

Create a blog and don’t hesitate to tell others about it.

Be sincere in your compliments.  People can always tell when you’re ‘just sayin’ ‘.

Prayer-walk your neighborhood.  Pray for every home even if you don’t know the person living there.

When you get ready to get rid of your Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary cards put them in a box and keep them in your ‘prayer spot’. Take one out each day and pray for that person. Let them know you prayed with a call or a card/note.

Invite someone who may be all alone to family dinners like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter…

Take a picture frame that you aren’t using, or buy one for this purpose. Put a sheet of paper (any color) behind the glass. Use a dry-erase marker to write the names of those you want to pray for.  Hang it in a place you see every day.  (Mine is above my home office desk.)

I hope these are helpful in your endeavors to go and tell. If you have any additional ideas comment in the space below.

Blessings to you and yours!

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