Styling Zeitgeist; edgy meets formal. – Fashion, Style, Design and the odd glass of Champagne.

Styling Zeitgeist; edgy meets formal. – Fashion, Style, Design and the odd glass of Champagne.

Hair and Mu artist stylist Carl Isaacs asked me to style a shoot for him when he was still at Ierephaan on Heritage Square. Ok, easy enough considering the wardrobe brief was Rufftung sequins and then classic black turtlenecks. Before I could breathe a sigh of relief, he dropped a bomb. There’s a guy as well and he needs to wear Zeitgeist.

Oh, hells bells! Now was not a good time to tell Carl that (a) I was pretty new at this game, and (b) I had never styled a guy before. Oh wait! Even scarier is that we’re talking about Maxine Mauerberger Ginsberg’s baby, here. I’ve spent enough time with the designer to know that she’s crafted her brand to such a fine art, there’s no room for juniors. You either get edgy or you don’t. Being the simple dresser that I am, it’s evident I was standing in the classic queue when the style gods were handing out sexy grunge.

What to do? This was not the time to wing it and I couldn’t bail on Carl after accepting. So I did three things that can easily be translated into life lessons.
1. I faced my fear and ran with it.
2. I asked my bestie and creative stylist Duncan Pape from By The Design for every style tip and accessory under the sun.
3. I copied the ZG looks on their Instagram account Why reinvent the wheel when brands are doing it all for you?

Doing my homework paid off because I’m really pleased with these shots. I know that at the end of the day, I may not be changing lives but I can now proudly announce that I styled a guy in Zeitgeist, the sexiest menswear brand in Cape Town. Phew, happy to have that one in the bag.

Maxine, thank you for trusting me with your baby. Duncan, you’re my saviour. Carl, we need to talk… 😉

lotsa love, style lovers.

Credits: Hair & Makeup: Carl Isaacs.
Model: Keegan Dold is wearing a top and pants by Zeitgeist, an Armani jacket from Duncan, and the Doc Martens are his own. Accessories are from mine & Duncan’s wardrobes. (This really goes on, on set.)
Model: Melissa Magiera is wearing sequinned pants by Rufftung, the Topshop ‘cat’ top and silver rings are mine, and the shoes are her own.
Location: The Drinkery. I really love that place.
Styling and photos: by me.

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