Style over 50; Biker chic. – Fashion, Style, Design and the odd glass of Champagne.

Style over 50; Biker chic. – Fashion, Style, Design and the odd glass of Champagne.

The biker look is a welcomed and established look in any wardrobe. Whether you’re 15 or 50, I think black leather and a rock ‘n roll t-shirt are must haves. However, there’s a significant difference between chick and chic, and here I think age would come into play.

For the record, I need to emphasise that I support the fight against ageism and firmly believe that our personal style is one that we create for ourselves with confidence. However, as we get older, we need to shake things up a bit to avoid looking dated. Let’s make a pact never to join the beige ‘n biscuit brigade. Deal?

The difference between biker chick and chic is this:
Black leather + Rock ‘n roll t-shirt = Chick and that’s a bit of a no-no for me.
Try wearing the tee with a chiffon skirt and heels, or sequins and sneakers; its fresh, fun and still edgy. Then see what I did with Leigh in leather.

When I styled model Leigh Cluver-Schubauer for her model look book, we went for biker chic instead. Her black coated denim jeans and leather jacket screamed sexy rock star. However, for a sexier cougar look I added a soft white shirt – another wardrobe essential – with gold, diamond and pearl jewellery. The overall look would still get her a backstage pass to any heavy metal concert, only this time, it’d be on her terms;)

Shoe wise, you’d be on point in either converse sneakers or killer ankle boots; leave the stiletto pumps and strappy sandals for another day.

What do you think of Leigh’s look? Pop a comment below or ask me anything about styling for over 50’s. I look forward to chatting to you.

Take care, style lovers.
love & light

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