How to be a Fashionista vs Fashion Victim – FunkyForty | Funky Life style and Fashion

How to be a Fashionista vs Fashion Victim – FunkyForty | Funky Life style and Fashion

Have you ever been accused of being a fashion victim simply because you like to keep up with the trends? Alternatively are you the one who considers anyone making an effort to be fashionable to be a fashion victim?

This post is addressing just that. Plus of course the many myths about what you should and should not be wearing as you grow older. Having shaken my head so many times at the rules many people place on themselves as they age. The funniest of all being; if you saw a trend the first time round you are too old to wear it again”.

In reality there is only one rule to abide by as you grow older. That is dress with care! Outfits thrown together, a little tatty here or worn there may look OK if you are stunningly beautiful and 20, however not as you get older. With age, the responsibility grows to make an effort. Apart from that if you like it, wear it. Who cares if you wore it when you were 25, it might even look better on you now!

Keep scrolling to find out more about how to be a fashionista vs fashion victim.

Fashionista vs Fashion Victim

So what is the difference between a fashionista and a fashion victim?

Being a fashionista can add so much fun to your life.

Will add their own twist to a trend. Might even pioneer a trend themselves which their friends then start to follow.

Drags out old wardrobe pieces and teams them with new to create different outfits.

LOVES to break fashion rules.

Has fun with fashion and will add new trend items to their wardrobe if they don’t already own them.

Wears what they love.

Are always open to new fashion concepts.

Keeps their eyes open for new trends.

Is open to discovering new designers.

Fashion Victim

Often spends far more money on clothing – even if they only buy from less expensive high street brands.

Is more worried about the brand they are wearing than the overall look of an outfit.

Will throw items they love away simply because they are not currently in fashion.

Adopts a new trend even if it doesn’t suit them.

Tends to wear outfits one to one as seen in a store – lack of imagination.

Is very conscious about what other people will think of their outfit.

Often looks like a clone of many other people.

How to get inspiration like a fashionista

Watch store windows. When you see an outfit you like try to replicate it with what you own.

Have a few of your favourite instagram stylists for your daily style dose.

Watch people on the streets, making note of any great outfits that really jump out at you.

Pinterest – always a good place to scroll if you are looking for how to style a particular item or what to wear to an event.

Give yourself time to have fun with your own wardrobe trying out new combinations.

Outfit details:

Top – Armani (very old)

Skirt – Imprevu Belgium, a young Belgium label

Bags – Holiday souvenirs – the yellow was given to me one Christmas by my Mum.

Shoes – Souvenir from Singapore.

Glasses – RejaneRosenberger

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