Struggling with Nutrition, Diet, and Gut Health? We’ve Got Something For You… – New Jersey Yoga Collective

Struggling with Nutrition, Diet, and Gut Health? We’ve Got Something For You… – New Jersey Yoga Collective

We are so excited to introduce you to Drew Martino for more than a few reasons – first and foremost because we feel like a lifestyle of wellness really needs to include a lot more love to HEALTH, and Drew is a the top of the game when it comes to gut health, nutrition, and helping women to heal from the inside out. Beyond that, we are basically #fangirling hard on her Glow Method for lifestyle elevation and transformation, as well as her willing to share her own struggles with both digestive and mental health. Why? Because we want our experts to be REAL and there is nothing we appreciate more than a human being who is willing to let us see that she is doing the WORK on a daily basis to keep her mind, heart, and soul shining. 

This woman is a potent mix of grit and grace – our favorite recipe for greatness. 

Oh and as you know, we ride Peloton too…

Drew Martino is a Nutrition Health Coach, Internationally Certified Life Coach, and Gut Health Expert. Her passion comes from her own background of struggling with digestive and mental health issues. Through her years of training, dedication, and knowledge she healed herself from the inside out and now it’s her mission to help other women do the same. Drew works with women through one-on-one coaching and in her signature program, The Glow Method.

Here is our interview with Drew!

We love your titles, but give us the deep dive right from the start – what does it mean to be a health coach, gut expert, and a life coach? How would you describe yourself? 

It means to be a mentor and confidant that helps other women feel their best. I love being a holistic gut expert because I focus on wellness as much as nutrition. I know that what we think, believe, feel, and do is just as important as the food we eat. I would describe myself as ambitious, nurturing, tenacious, warm, and adaptable. If I’m not careful I can also be a workaholic. I’m an Enneagram 3 so I try to be very aware of those unhealthy tendencies! 

What made you step into this? 

I was struggling with digestive issues, stubborn weight, skin problems, and anxiety. 6 years ago I was fed up…lying on the Emergency Room bed with severe stomach pain. I knew I had to make a change. I began to spend hours every day researching holistic health and healing. That’s when I made the decision to join Nutrition School and learn how to heal my health and my life. Through that I found a passion for helping other women in similar situations. I wanted to take it a step further so I went to get my certification in Life Coaching so I could provide a deeper level of guidance and support for my clients.

Tell me about life before coaching.

Life before coaching, I was working full-time in Marketing. I commuted about 3.5 hours a day to and from work. I lived in the city and I was constantly stressed and tired. And I had a lot of health issues and felt uninspired. I look back now and can’t believe how much life has changed. I now work part-time in my family business and full time on my health coaching business. My husband and I sold our condo in the city and we now live in a small town with lots of nature and walking trails. I love cooking (something I used to despise) and creating recipes for my clients. I coach women every day and get to do what I love. We’re adopting and next year a lot will probably change again but I’m totally okay with that!!!

What does life look like today? Seriously, give us “A day in the life of Drew”. 

I wake up around 6am and cuddle all 4 of my fur babies. Then I cycle on my Peloton and rotate between yoga and strength training and end with a short meditation. By that time my husband is up so we make breakfast. I shower and fill out my 5 Minute Gratitude Journal and then head to the office (which is a few steps down the hallway haha). I begin my workday with NOT answering emails or checking Instagram. I find that I can get the most out of my creative energy when I don’t first let others energy into my day. I create, write, and record in the morning. And then I stop for lunch which is typically a big salad with veggies, fermented foods, and a legume. If it’s decent out I take the dogs for a quick walk. And then afternoons are for client calls, emails, and following up on big projects. I’ve gotten really good at closing my laptop for the day around 5pm and dedicating the evening to my husband and dogs. We cook dinner and listen to music and then catch up on our favorite shows! I have a strict nighttime routine that seriously gives me the BEST sleep. I rarely budge on it. Haha. My husband makes fun of me but it’s the best.

What’s your educational background? 

I graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016. I received my International Life Coaching certification in 2018. I also have advanced training in Gut Health and Hormone Health. And this month I am going to be preparing to take the National Board Certification exam for Health Coaching!

There seems to be a “movement” around health and wellness. What does that mean for you?

It’s so exciting to be on the cusp of this huge health and wellness movement. But at the same time I think it can provide these high-expectations of what we need to look like and be like. It’s more of a culture of needing to fix ourselves. It’s almost too much. I think slowly we’ll be coming back to reality and there will be a new wave of learning to love yourself where you’re at. And you can still seek out new modalities. It’s almost hypocritical….focus on love and light. But we are struggling to reach this maximal capacity and in return it’s making us stressed and anxious and feeling like we are unworthy. And stress, anxiety and negative feelings are all affect our digestive health. We need to come back to ourselves and center on what’s really important to us. Nourishing our bodies and finding what works for us.

What can your clients expect? 

Clients can expect an inner shift and sustainable results. There’s zero fluff in what I teach. And all of my clients describe working with me as “life-changing”. It’s a high-expectation to live up to but there’s TONS of power in having someone in your corner that is your biggest cheerleader but also guides you to better health and wellness choices. 

There’s zero fluff in what I teach. 

Tell me about one or two clients – stories that really showcase what you do. 

One of my clients came to me after she JUST had a baby. She was a nurse and struggling with bloat, exhaustion, irregular BM’s, and other digestive issues. Her goals were to eliminate bloat and nourish her gut. She was struggling with fear around changing her diet. And felt like she didn’t have the courage or confidence to try a new lifestyle. We went slow with a few easy changes to her diet and lifestyle. We also focused on mindset shifts! Also…the community in my program is amazing at providing support and accountability. At the end of our time together, she had the confidence to make BIG changes, she had less bloating, had regular BM’s and so much more energy. Even this a newborn that wasn’t sleep through the night. She joined my signature program, The Glow Method. And has sustained her changes since our time together!

My other client was a private coaching client and came to be on a very restrictive diet. She tried other programs and visited offices with a nutritionist on site. But they all gave her a generic plan. She was fed up and wanted someone to listen to her and that could customize a health and lifestyle plan that fit her needs! She had PCOS and had a really hard time changing her diet. We worked together on including more variety in her diet and changing her exercise routine. She was a psychologist and had a pretty busy schedule. So we created an easy plan to create snacks and food on the go. And helped ease her into a nighttime routine to improve her energy and digestion. After we were done working together she was enjoying putting meals together for her and her husband. We focused on an anti-inflammatory diet and some lifestyle tweaks that set her up for success. At the end she said this was the best she felt in a long time. 

What’s your mantra? 

You got this.

What’s your superpower? 

Active listening, my intuition, and asking those questions that make you go….”ah-ha”! I guess that’s why I became a coach! 

How do you stay confident? 

I don’t. I have plenty of days where I don’t feel so confident. But I know that confidence comes from action and as long as I’m staying true to my values and taking small steps towards the things I want, confidence will always find its way back.

I have plenty of days where I don’t feel so confident. But I know that confidence comes from action and as long as I’m staying true to my values and taking small steps towards the things I want, confidence will always find its way back.

How did you start your own business? 

Starting my own business did not come easy to me. I had no idea where to begin! It began with a passion and dedication. I knew that I needed to just start somewhere so I created a website and took as many pro bono clients as I could. I think I did a whole year of pro bono coaching. I built up my testimonials, email list, and gained a lot of experience. I still look back and think how crazy that I started from scratch. No connections. No prior knowledge. Just a girl on a mission!!!

How do you create success? 

You create success by believing in yourself. And understanding that success can be found in our everyday lives.

How do you define success? 

My definition of success is always expanding. But right now it’s creating a business that empowers women to take control of their health.

You must have some pressure to look the part, do you follow any special eating plan and/or exercise plan? 

It’s funny but I don’t feel that pressure! I think our society is slowly changing and we are finally accepting every body type. It’s amazing. My focus has always been on getting stronger and feeling better. I spent so long feeling held back by my digestive issues. My main goal now is to feed my body foods that nourish it and to get movement in so my body knows I love it no matter what. I eat mostly plant-based but I don’t claim any specific diet. If I did, it would be the intuitive plan hahaha. I get movement in everyday. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 45 minutes. I recently found out that I have an autoimmune condition so I have eliminated gluten and dairy and alcohol. I healed my gut issues so now I’m on a mission to heal my autoimmune condition. And I’m almost there!!! The crazy thing is that I feel even more freedom now than I did when I was eating anything and everything! I’ll be 35 next year and I have never felt this good.

Lastly, if you had ONE piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs, what would it be? 

Believe in yourself. Because you’ll be the only one that cares about your business as much as you do. Remember: Action comes before confidence. If you wait to feel confident in your business, it might never happen. Make BIG goals that scare you and small action steps to get there that are JUST outside your comfort zone.

Want to sign up for Private Health Coaching with Drew Martino?

We included Drew’s coaching in our gift guide as the perfect option for a friend who is ready to feel their best in 2020, but let’s face it – this is the perfect #selflove present too. Drew is a Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Life Coach and Gut Health Expert, who will weave all her amazing talents together to help you set wellness goals and (here’s the important part) achieve them. What exactly will you get? Weekly support, video calls, recipes, and a personal portal with resources.

Price: Regularly $479 per month but use NJYC at checkout for $100 off each month.

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