Australian Cattle Dog Facts

Australian Cattle Dog Facts

The Australian Cattle Dog is a tremendously fascinating dog. Here are a few interesting facts you may have not known!

Australian Cattle Dogs are part of the herding group, have a height of 17-20 inches, have a weight of about 45 pounds to 60 pounds, and a lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

The Australian Cattle Dog also goes by the monikers of Blue Heeler and Queensland Heeler. It is a rough herding dog from down in Australia. The sheep herders down there mixed it with a lot of stuff like the Dingo, Kelpie, Dalmation, Bull Terrier, and Collie. This is a medium-sized dog that is well-known for its tough endurance. They are intelligent, playful, territorial, trainable, and child-friendly. They are not that stranger-friendly, they require very little grooming, and they are not apartment-friendly either.

These dogs maintain a spirit of going on adventures, and they believe they’re protected. Get prepared that your dog will suffer a ton of injuries. This is a really tough dog though.

It is a squat and robust dog. It has a big skull, a black nose, and muscular cheeks. It has powerful teeth for nipping at cows, suspicion when strangers approach, and dark brown eyes. The powerful neck has a body with a rectangular form, deep chest, and powerful shoulders. The tail has a little curve when the dog is resting, but that doesn’t happen very much.

The Australian Cattle Dog has a double cat that comes in a couple of colors, and they are red speckle and blue. The blue might speckled or mottled, solid, and it can have tan or blue marks on its head tan spots in other spots on its body. There’s a red speckle coat that’s even on the body, without or with dark red marks on the head too.

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