2019’s Home Improvement Trends and Ideas – Give A Go To Your Life Style | Epic Home Ideas

2019’s Home Improvement Trends and Ideas – Give A Go To Your Life Style | Epic Home Ideas

With every passing year, new additions and subtractions are made in almost every field that has to be upgraded according to the latest trends. These trends are actually not self-made by a specific authority or organization, but this is something which comes in the industry and home improvement market through the common public or a community that has made a certain decorative and unique style a part of their homes.

2018 was a year that introduced a more stylistic and modernized method of home improvement inspired by the technological additions to the industry.

This year, things are going to be more simplistic and natural, yet stylish and elegant. To know about the upcoming trends for your home renovations in 2019, read below:

Hardwood Is Back

The installation of hardwood flooring had decreased a bit in the last years, but it never vanished completely.

This year, because of the focus on bringing back the natural elements in your house, hardwood flooring contractors in Oak Park IL have become active again.

This year is going to be more about relishing and reliving the old generation home improvement methods with a touch of newness and style.

Hardwood floors are made up for the natural wood that offers a more diverse range of different and unique colors and patterns with every new wood board that will be installed as your flooring solution.

Velvet Finishing Touch

Velvet is one of the oldest trends to make a house look cozy and comfortable. The softness of velvet covered in bold and vibrant colors is definitely going to make your home improvement project a success.

This fabric is ideal for your furniture as well as for your cushions and bed sheets. Velvet covering on your furniture will not only make it visually appealing, but your sofas and chair seats will become more durable and durable with this multi-dimensional fabric.

Concrete Inclusion

More concrete in the house means more diversity in the designs and patterns for your floors, walls, driveways, countertops, and even the walls.

Concrete was seen very less in last year for an unknown reason, but it has revived its place in this new year with a new zeal. Concrete is now also trending in the tile formation to provide a crisp and complementing effect for your countertops and bathroom vanities.

It was way back in the older times in the 70s and 80s when there were attached canopies with the beds. This trend has remained buried below the newest trends in the bed styles, but now it has emerged with a new style.

Now you can easily find a canopy bed in any of the furniture showrooms with a beautiful and delicate fabric for the canopy, designed to perfection. These beds were rejected because of their huge size and space issues, but the new slim canopy beds are just what you will be needing this year.

Bold Color Pallets

A new color range has been introduced this year with a bold and vibrant touch. Red tones, bright yellow, matte finishing with black and white are trending very speedily in the home improvement industry to make your house look out of the world. Toning and merging different color schemes in an intelligent manner is the best way to convert your house in the most stylish manner this year.

To conclude, new patterns, pallets, colors, hardwood and laminate flooring in Draper UT is what you need to indulge yourself into if you are planning to improve your house in a unique manner.

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