MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » O’Scanlon’s Framework For Health, Liberty and Prosperity in a COVID-19 Impacted New Jersey

MoreMonmouthMusings  » Blog Archive   » O’Scanlon’s Framework For Health, Liberty and Prosperity in a COVID-19 Impacted New Jersey

Senator Declan O’Scanlon followed his call for insurrection by moon gazing with a serious framework for New Jersey to contain COVID-19 while unleashing our economic engines.

Sen Declan O’Scanlon and Governor Phil Murphy discuss the micro management of sports betting at Monmouth Park, January 2019

Senator Declan O’Scanlon

Under the leadership of Governor
Phil Murphy, New Jersey residents have responded remarkably well given the
unprecedented and deadly invisible enemy we have faced.  We have flattened
the curve and reversed the trends of COVID-19. We have changed our behavior,
likely forever.  I credit the Governor with making some tough calls and
sympathize with the difficulty of challenges he’s faced, and will face going

The job isn’t done, but we’ve
learned a lot.  We’re ready to move to the next phase of our public health
and economic recovery.  Governor Murphy frequently says that public health
yields economic health. I’d say it goes both ways, economic health is public
health as well.  We’re now entering a phase where hesitation on the
economic front could prove to be as damaging as the disease. Our economic
recovery, if we move quickly, creatively & safely will avoid the tremendous
potential fiscal and health impacts that come with devastating recession, or

O’Scanlon plan for the next steps in our recovery is as follows:

State Government:

Do not attempt to micromanage the economic recovery!

on doing what only State Government can do and do that well. Leave everything
else up to locals!


Local Governments and Businesses:


government shouldn’t be trying to micro-manage & bad ideas that might seem
outrageous but…you never know:

• Parking – unless we’re going to do
a survey of available square feet of sand per available parking space, then
calculate the average beach blanket space per car/family, then, finally,
calculate how many family beach plots are potentially available on each
particular beach (think Wildwood vs. Monmouth Beach) WITH 6 feet of
separation…don’t limit parking to some random, silly number! Now you
understand the ludicrousness of a message that towns should “limit parking to
50%” ANYWHERE..parks, beaches etc. Sheer insanity.

• Beach Badge Limitation – see
“Parking” above.

• Pools – the CDC website makes
clear you can’t catch this from pool water.  Don’t try to impose
micro-management of kids/people in pools. Leave this up to beach club owners
and their members and trust them to be responsible.

• Restaurant capacity. Their
business model can’t survive on a blanket 50% mandate. Give guidance – see
above – to business owners and local officials and let them get creative.

• Outdoor mask mandates. There’s
little evidence that people are transmitting Covid-19 in outdoor open spaces –
like parks and beaches. 

• Don’t do things like this:
Proximity Monitoring App – shocks you when closer than 8 feet to anyone else. 6
feet’s the goal, but need to account for closing speed. Trust me, someone will
come up with something like this.

• Charter Boats/social
distancing/beach police: We don’t need police helicopters/drones hovering over
each boat/beach/park or police officers tasked with wrestling people to the
ground for coming within 4 feet of others or not wearing masks.


We’ve done remarkably well during
the first phase of this crisis.  Now is the time to pivot from shutdown
mode and to responsibly unleash the creativity of our local leaders in business
and government.

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