No Swimming Pools? No Sports to Announce? No Problem – The New York Times

No Swimming Pools? No Sports to Announce? No Problem – The New York Times

The basketball announcer Mike Breen went to earnest route, with a heartfelt plea for N.B.A. fans to wash their hands and practice social distancing.

Nicaragua recorded its first coronavirus death on Thursday. Schools remain open in the country, and the Nicaraguan soccer league is still pressing on, without fans in attendance.

All 10 teams are set to play this weekend, even as some disagree with the decision to continue playing.

Diriangén, currently second in the league, posed for a pregame photograph on March 21 with 10 of the players wearing masks (the goalkeeper, for whatever reason, did not). Bernardo Laureiro, a player on the team, wrote on Twitter: “I don’t want to play, and I don’t understand my colleagues who don’t say anything. We are the protagonists, no one else. If a team has 30 players, and the 30 say they don’t want to play, don’t play and that’s it.”

On social media, Nicaraguans have been sharing the ironic meme “Be like Ortega” to encourage people not to go out. President Daniel Ortega has not been seen in public since February.

If it isn’t too painful, consider the weekend that might have been …

The N.C.A.A. tournaments for men and women would have advanced to the regional finals that determine the Final Four. Will Sabrina Ionescu and Oregon get their chance at the big show?

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