How To Choose The Right Handbag For Every Outfit Fashion Style

How To Choose The Right Handbag For Every Outfit  Fashion Style

It is a no-brainer that clothes and bags work together to create that ‘it’ look. However great your outfit or other accessories, the wrong handbag can instantly kill the look while the right one will elevate it as the perfect finishing touch!

The fact that we are no longer expected to match everything perfectly, doesn’t mean t. are no rules at all. So while shoes and bags don’t have to look exactly the same, they should still work together and complement each other.

To help you get your handbag styling game together, we’re turning to some of the biggest style stars from Africa. From Nigeria’s Cee C to Ghana’s Zynnell Zuh and Tanzania’s Julitha Kabete, you’ll get to see that nailing a perfectly chic look is no act of serendipity.

Here’s how to pick the right handbag for every occasion…

The right handbag for casual outfits

Didi ‘Olomide’ Stone

Sling bags work for almost every casual event. Imagine a less busy sunny day; your choked up calendar seems to have a little free time and you’re yearning for that sweet escape. A day time concert, a BBQ or even a shopping trip comes to mind. Such occasions do not call for that expensive and bulky CELINE bag. Now is the time to strap on a sling or belt bag so your hands are free for all the fun that awaits you.

Opt for a leather-made sling bag because as much as looking good is important, durability is still one thing we all value in bags.

Cee C

Of course, depending on w. you’re headed you can consider a bigger handbag for your casual look if you have a lot to carry.

The right handbag for semi-formal outfits

Ini Edo

Never carry an oversized bag to events like non-formal weddings, holiday parties, fine restaurants or any other semi-formal event. A pretty non-floor-sweeping dress paired with a medium or small-sized statement bag like Ini Edo’s Louis Vuitton Box Scott piece will definitely have you looking stunning. Carrying a large or oversized bag suggests you’re out running errands instead of having a relaxing and fun time.

Quick fact about the LV Box Scott: this piece was originally designed to hold jewellery, makeup or simply as a dressing table accessory but fashionistas have since moved it from dressing tables to dinner tables. Who can blame them? You should be able to do whatever you please after spending over $1,000 for an item. But I digress.

Shop Editor-recommended semi-formal bags

Camila Round Rhinestone Tassel Evening Clutch Bag

Tory Beaded Clutch

See more ways to style a semi-formal look with the right handbag…

Zynnell Zuh
Kefilwe Mabote
Cee C


The right handbag for formal outfits

Zynnell Zuh

Formal weddings, award shows, christenings, Easter and Christmas traditions, state dinners, balls and horse races are some of the formal events that come to mind .. What better way to accessorize that sequin or satin dress that has been sitting pretty in your wardrobe if not with a statement clutch?

You realize that the creme de la creme will be attending this black-tie event so this is not the time to make a humble appearance. And definitely not when Amanda, the girl who made high school hell for you would be attending.

Shop Editor-recommended formal bags

Dara Rainbow Stripped Sequin Clutch

Tracee Glittered Blue Half-Moon Clutch


The right handbag for work outfits

Kiki Osinbajo

I sure love a great suit but how refreshing to know that suits are no longer the standard outfits for work. Notwithstanding the changes and watered down fashion for work, your work-wear should still reflect a boss chic and an intelligently put-together look. A box bag is a solid A for any corporate outfit.

Tracy Nwapa

Most structured bags also work for businesswear. The key year is to balance style and functionality and again, durability.

Shop Editor-recommended work bags

Sandra Vegan Leather Tote Handbag

Lydia Vegan Leather Classic Tote Handbag


Check out other style stars with looks that show how the right bag seals the deal…

Ini Edo
Julitha Kabete
Mimi Onalaja
Zynnell Zuh
Chioma Goodhair

Now you see that the right handbag is really all you need to switch up your look from Ugly Betty to Paris Hilton. #that’shot!

Dress the part and secure the bag! (pun intended).

Photo credit: Instagram | As captioned

Originally published March 23, 2020.

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