Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop On Response To COVID-19 Outbreak, Local Restaurants & Economy

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop On Response To COVID-19 Outbreak, Local Restaurants & Economy

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop joins Ebro in the Morning to share the latest updates in the city on how they are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, decisions that were made on schools, daycares, and restaurants, whether our economy will recover, and more.

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K.O Styles says:

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Original_Native_american says:

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Matthew Eugene Rosa says:

The moment the ACTUAL truth comes out about what is REALLY GOING ON all you scumbags who continue to push the #FearPorn and #Propaganda regarding this hilariously staged #Plannedemic are going to get what is coming to you. The only people who think #COVID19 is anything other than the common cold renamed have an IQ less than 10.


Power100 says:

Pence and Carson are definitely suprising.

Power100 says:

Glad certain states are taking this seriously. Government Leadership fucked up when sleeping on this.

Undisputed Records says:

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