Sirusho – ARMAT series | #5 New Jersey, USA

Sirusho – ARMAT series | #5 New Jersey, USA

“ARMAT” documentary series is all about the Diaspora, our roots, our values – reflected through SIRUSHO’s eyes. Sharing with you her own experience!
Watch Now Ep.#5 – New Jersey, USA!

“ARMAT” (meaning ‘roots’) was filmed for over two years, as Sirusho was touring in countries with large Armenian Diaspora on her “Armat Tour”. In every country where she held large solo-performances while on tour (such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, United States, Canada, Australia, Lebanon, UAE, Latvia, etc. ), alongside concerts, rehearsals and organizational work, her filming crew also captured the entire process of touring and visits, aiming to present the life of the Armenian communities and Armenians.
Each episode of the TV doc. series will be focusing on the Armenian Community in the given country, presenting the history of its formation, how they manage to remain so Armenian and stay true to their roots while being far from the motherland, how carefully they cherish the culture, how the love for the motherland is conveyed from one generation to another and how much of it is actually preserved.
Each episode will also feature local sights, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the buzz in the backstage from Sirusho’s concerts in every country and her day-to-day tour life.

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