The Cult of the Jersey Diner Burger, with Padma Lakshmi | The Burger Show

The Cult of the Jersey Diner Burger, with Padma Lakshmi | The Burger Show

In Northern New Jersey, sliders reign supreme. The tiny, 1oz patties smashed thin on a griddle, smothered with onions, and placed between steamed buns are a regional speciality that have been perfected at the Jersey City landmark, White Mana. The history alone is worth the trip, which is why host Alvin Cailan invited Top Chef judge/host and fellow burger burger fanatic, Padma Lakshmi, to soak up some Jersey lore. Get to know the diner’s ties to 1939 World’s Fair, as well as its surprising connection to heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, from longtime owner Mario Costa. This is a piece of burger mythology you don’t want to miss.

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First We Feast says:

North Jersey is hallowed ground for sliders. Which place does them better—White Mana in Jersey City, or White Manna in Hackensack?

lucas davey says:

I kind of hope they use jersey beef in the burgers

george says:

Who the fuck eats stinky burgers on the subway

Colin Stone says:

Oh my GOD shave that rat beard!! Yelch

Daniel says:

So the burger buns are put on top of the raw meat and it’s just streamed until they’re ready?

Retard Sauce says:

Mario is everything badass about Jersey folk, minus everything that sucks about jersey folk. He’s just a fucking champ

Hayabusa says:

Mario seems like such a nice fucking guy. Older dudes like him are the greatest.

Ray Swafford says:

I love chefs there sooooo creative.

Nathan Jildeh says:

Silvio Dante is that you?

Langerang says:

Hackensack is better!

Porkleaker says:

I bet Padma's farts smell like burger king.

Mead Juice says:

alvins coat covered in burger grease smh

Brian Barr says:

Yes, we can see you avoid vegetables

Devyn Kumar says:

I fuckin loveee Mario

Daniel Smedegaard Buus says:

Nice history and all, but the sliders really didn't look very nice. She mentioned burger-to-bun ratio, and I agree: too much meat can destroy a burger, but these seem like they're on the opposite extreme. Less than an ounce of meat. Those buns are huge, and really could do with some more in-between them. I may be wrong, and would love to try them, but they look dry, overcooked, and boring, to be perfectly honest.

Roshi 710 says:

You're hired, I'm fired.

Why is this so funny?

JabroniJoe says:

why do people who handle RTE food in videos like these never wear gloves?

Jose Dias says:

Wise guys, huh?

Rejack says:

Should’ve went to the original one in Hackensack its way more nostalgic

Samer Umran says:

From a fat man to a fat man, I was offended! Lol!!! "REALLY?" Shows good man, thanks!

Jon Porter says:

Too be honest, that is really sweet that it is like a community thing. I live up in Northern MN and Northern ND. Don't really have too many traditional restaurants that have been around for that long. Mostly now, they have been taken over by fast food franchises.

Watches&Cars says:

Finest indian

The Hound says:

I wonder why they got Padma Lakshmi for this type of video instead of Boogie2988

Englewood Frank21 says:

Cash only…

Frank says:

Is it just me, or does that Mario guy kind of look like Silvio Dante from The Sopranos? At least from the side view.

Fat AngMo says:

great episode; what a terrific story and a fantastic location. I appreciate you making this, it was great to view

J & A says:

but like when u hitting south jersey and the jersey burger?

A Love says:

It's like if White Castle actually gave a fuck.

Rian Mattes says:

Alvin, you look terrible. Hard to take you seriously because you obviously don’t take yourself seriously. Seek help for your addictions.

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