Spadea — Heroic Jersey City cops under fire from Mayor Fulop

Spadea — Heroic Jersey City cops under fire from Mayor Fulop

Bill Spadea has some harsh words for Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop after the mayor criticized JC Police officers before all the details on a chase and stop were collected.

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Pacman mmaItaly37 says:

That's because the entire Democratic party are pussies and liars. I quit the Democratic party because of idiots like him. They jump on the "I hate cops bandwagon" because they pander to minorities. They don't care about Whites, African Americans, Hispanics etc. They care about what they feel will help their political careers. law enforcement is one of their biggest targets and it's a FUCKING disgrace!!

King Bill says:

This is fake, right? I mean these two idiots can't be serious. Heroes? WTF

Rick Tankersley says:

The Cop Sucking is strong in this one!

RM1178 says:

Bill, you must be retarded. Thats the only explanation i can come up with for your take on this. Either that, or you are just trying to be controversial so people might pay attention to your shitty show.

foxfire1112 says:

What a fucking idiot

Conservative Thought says:

How about a half dozen shots fired on Carlton ave. and 1/9 north from a moving police vehicle at the suspect ???? This is John Wayne stuff. Nobody does that !!! Thank God those stray bullets didn't hit anyone.

Jason Hanks says:

Heroes? Wow. Just wow. You are a real piece of work..

cnn8420 says:

two officers, in my opinion, kicking him for sure. Oh my God fire those two cops.

Tom Orrow says:

Please Keep Your Backyard Vocabulary in Your Backyard, Thank you, meant to type that first!  Keep it clean, God Bless

Tom Orrow says:

If YOU Look Closely, it is NOT All of the Officers, I saw only 2, BUT; "Were they Kicking him[as the you critics say", or Were they Attempting to Put Out the FLAMES!  Look at it Closely, I will go with Trying to Put Out the Flames! 
I Applaud them for trying to Put Out those Flames! 
Next Time, do not bother and let him burn!

Z Malek says:

You deserve to get kicked

Bob Abooey says:

Like they said on Saving Private Ryan,"dont kick,let em burn"

Sissy Gallagher says:

Bullshit Anybody who saw this can see the truth….cops with guns out kicked an innocent burning man to the ground, kicked him more, then dragged his burned body over the ground……….. good try though.

Joseph O'Connell says:

Fucking idiots the first cop obviously kicks him

Matthew Smith says:

So kicking burn victims in the head and ribs is standard procedure? Are you seriously that fucking stupid.

MrFoodservices says:

Broken ribs says enough

Ronald Zeitlinger says:

Bill, how you could be so wrong about so much in such a short span of time? In your own word, "amazing."

Joy Nickels says:

Cops Love to Kill

Pat Parisi says:

Strange, I saw a guy on fire extinguish the flames on himself & then get kicked in the head while kneeling & removing an article of clothing …

christopher porter says:

You have to be out of your fucking mind to defend the actions of these officers. Damn.

paki johnson says:

So kicking a man while he's on his knees is considered extinguishing a fire?? U and your sidekick are fucking idiots

Adrianpn says:

You have to be kidding me!!! Even if this guy on fire was the one who cause the accident, the police shouldn't kick the guy in the head as soon as they approach him. HE WAS JUST ON FIRE! They should have some humanity. Above all occupations, policeman should be the most humane. That police officer needs to be fired. (no pun intended)

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